What is a Good Profit From Horse Racing Handicapping Or a Reasonable ROI?

Many people ask, “How much money can I make betting on horse races?” While many people struggle to make a profit from horse racing handicapping and betting on horse races, few people have a realistic idea of what can be expected and how much profit can really be achieved. Horse players often talk about R.O.I. or return on investment (ROI). Simply put, it is the percentage of return above your initial investment. So if you spend $100 on a win bet and get back $125 your ROI is 25%.

So how do you know what a good ROI is and what you can expect? First of all, when comparing investments, you must look at competing investments and also take into account the amount of risk and work involved. Handicapping horse races is time consuming and therefore, you must pay yourself for the time you spend handicapping. You can pay a professional such as myself, to do some of the handicapping, which means you’ll have to spend less of your own time, but in the end, you’ll still have to spend some time researching and putting some thought into how you bet.

If you buy stocks or make any other investment, you have to do some research as well. You may have a broker who makes recommendations or a financial planner or analyst, but in the end, just as with the people who pay me to handicap races for them, the ultimate decision will rest with the investor. Many stock investors now consider 10% as a reasonable return on their portfolio.

How much you can make on horses will vary from week to week, but your yearly average may be better than the stock return, but also much riskier. When it comes to horse handicappers, even the pros have their ups and downs and you have to look at the long haul to get an accurate idea of what is reasonable. For instance, the weekend of June 11th (I work in three day weekend blocks and send a newsletter with the information for each three day block) my key horses made a profit of over 80% ROI. That is very high, but the next week the profit on the same kinds of bets was way down.

In the most recent weekend, June 25th 2010 to June 27th, 2010, my top picks made a flat bet profit on win bets for thoroughbred bettors of 22% ROI, while bettors who played my top picks in harness races on half mile and 5/8’s mile tracks received 11% ROI. There are no guarantees in betting on horse races and it would be reckless of me to guarantee a profit or to try to predict how much profit to expect because of the volatility of the market.

Overall, however, it is safe to say that at times horse racing bettors may see a higher rate of return than bettors in other markets, but they pay for that possibility with a much higher risk.

The Safest Bet in Horse Racing Handicapping

Do you know what the safest bet in horse racing is? Maybe I should clarify what I mean by safe. When I write the safest bet, I mean a bet that has the highest expectancy of winning and the least of expectancy of diminishing your bankroll.

One doesn’t necessarily equal the other and you will understand what I mean if you’ve been betting on horse races for a while. Just because you hit a winner quite frequently with a bet, it doesn’t mean it won’t diminish your bankroll and just because you have a bet that won’t quickly diminish your bankroll doesn’t mean you will cash on that bet frequently.

Some people may choose the show bet as the safest bet. The show bet, particularly on the favorite, is a bet with a pretty high rate of coming in, but there are all kinds of favorites. There are luke warm favorites at fairly high odds, like 5-2 or even 3-1. Those types hit the show payoff much less frequently than the 2-5 favorites.

Horses at extremely low odds, like 4-5 or less, often pay to show, but the payoff is often rock bottom because there is a negative pool. If you earn a nickel on a dollar with these types, you are lucky and then factor in the occasion horse that disappoints and you will soon be asking, “Where is the profit?”

Using Dr. Z’s formulas, you may make a small profit on these types of high percentage bets, but you will have to risk a lot to get a little. I’m not knocking Dr. Z or his bets, he already proved they work, I’m just saying that you will have to make very large bets and risk a lot of money for a small return.

One of the problems with show betting is that breakage takes a piece of you three times. That’s a heck of a price to pay. In the long run, taking a shot at win bets on those 2-5 runners may be the way to go, but statistically, you will still be a loser in the long run.

So where is a safe bet? There is no truly “safe” bet because placing wagers on horses is risky and that is why they call it gambling, however, there are safer bets. My favorite bet is to find a horse that has done what is being asked of it and is the only horse in the race who gets a check mark in each of the following criteria…

1. won at the distance before

2. won at this class level before

3. raced within 30 days and was within 2 lengths of the winner at the finish

4. won at this level and distance with this jockey and trainer

5. is racing against 3 year olds and up

This is an absolute gold mine of a bet. Doesn’t come along that often, but when it does it is amazing how often the horse isn’t a favorite.

For my money, it is the safest bet in horse racing and with all the tracks available through simulcasting, you should be able to find enough bets to make your days profitable.

Can Horse Racing Numerology Help You at the Track?

Go to the horse track with a friend seasoned in betting on the horses, and you’ll likely hear that he or she has a “system.” Some people who bet on horses may look at the actual odds posted, or they might go to where the animals are walked before they are taken to the gate and look for a sign or movement to guide them. Other betters check the names and choose a racer that stands out because the name has special meaning.

Yes, everybody has a system, but not all systems work. If you are interested in taking a chance on horse racing, whether for fun or to determine if professional gambling works for you, you need a program that is more effective than guesswork. The Mozan Racing Numerology program is one method betting experts have used to choose winners.

How does Mozan work? As the full name implies, this system relies upon the science of numbers to determine which horses are most likely to cross the finish line first. Mozan Numerology calculates various factors, including the name of the race, the date and names of the competing horses, and produces an approximation of the win-place-show rundown. In software form, this program is simple to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of numerology or mathematics to get the results you want.

Once you have a horse racing numerology system in place, next comes the question of reliability. It’s natural to feel skeptical about software programs and equations designed to help you win as you gamble. If you have concerns, know you don’t have to make a heavy bid the first time around. Test the program with a few low-money bets, or apply the same system to a Greyhound race for practice. As you see results in how the numbers work, you will feel more confident in placing your bets at the local horse track, and eventually major cup races.

Consider a horse racing system based on the science of numbers to help you win at the track. You’ll find you stand to gain much more than what you put into it.

Horse Racing Systems – The Advantages and Disadvantage of Laying Horses!

As you are most likely aware the invention of the betting exchanges around a decade ago swept in a new era of betting, especially when it came to horse races. Betting on a race became so much easier as all you needed to do was get online and get betting. But that wasn’t the only thing the exchanges brought to the gambling world, they also brought the ability to lay or as some call it the ability to be the bookmaker.

Also for those of us currently residing in the UK it meant that we had to get our heads around decimal odds. However being able to lay horses was the real big thing to come from the exchanges. It meant that we, the betting public, could now make a decision as to whether a horse will win or not and if we did not think it would win instead of backing another horse as we would normally do we could lay it off. This was a totally radical new way of betting and one that has only gotten more and more popular since it’s invention.

The best thing people say about laying horses is that it is much easier to select a loser than it is to select a winner. That is to say if there were a 10 horse race it would be much easier for you to pick a horse that will not win the race than for you to pick a horse that will win the race. As we can see here you will undoubtedly have a much higher strike rate than ever before and you have the chance to start making the big profits like the bookmakers have been doing all along.

The drawback with laying horses to lose is that you have to put up with the liability involved if the horse does win. Take for example you lay a horse at 5.5 on the exchange to make a profit of £100 and it wins you will have to pay out £450 to the person who took you up on the bet. It is probably important to point out now is the reason why betfair is so popular is because it boasts higher odds than most traditional bookmakers.

On betfair the prices are said to be a standard 20% higher than at a traditional bookmaker. This means that you are still not in the same boat as the bookmakers as they are laying things off at considerably lower odds than you are. All of this is still not including the commission charged by betfair also!

Even after all of the disadvantages I have just mentioned I still love lay betting and I will tell you why; you do not have to do it for every race! Sure the bookmaker is compelled to offer odds for every horse on every race but you don’t have to, you can pick and choose and it is this reason and this reason alone why there is money to be made in laying horses

Horse Racing Betting Systems That Make 20,000 + Each Year

£20,000 a year seems like such a large figure when you look at it first but really when you break it down it is not all that large.

I am going to show you how to use a two in one system to make this kind of money every year. Easy.

Look at it this way:

52 weeks in the year equate to £385 per week.

365 days in the year equates to £55 per day. That’s with a 7-day week.

Your aim is to use a system that will regularly trot out winners or losers as the case may be in large enough quantities that you can make a min of £55 profit each day or at the very least make £385 per week.

So how do you go about doing this?

Well the only system that can give you a steady run of selections is a system that deals with favourites. But not just any kind of favourite, oh no you need a short priced favourite. This helps to keep your strike rate high, as short priced favourites are a 50/50 chance.

So now you have decided to use a short priced favourite system. The question now is how do you want to use it? Do you want to back favourites or do you want to lay them?

I suggest that you do both. Why? Because this way you have twice as many options and twice the opportunity to make money.

I call this the 9 Point Split System.

The Win System

1. Only favourites that are less than 2/1.

2. Is the clear favourite in the Racing Post Tissue.

3. Remains the clear favourite in the live betting.

4. The horse has a top three racing post rating.

5. The horse has clocked a speed rating over 105.

6. The horse has been placed over similar course, distance and ground.

7. Must be more than 6 runners but less than 16

8. Suitable experienced jockey booked to ride.

9. Last two speed ratings show an upward trend.

By the last point I mean that the last two speed ratings clocked should show something like 89, 96, if the ratings run in the opposite direction then no bet.

There is one major exception to this rule and that is this. If the last time out speed rating was the highest ever achieved and is considerable higher than the preceding speed rating clocked then no bet. The chances are the horse has overexerted itself and unless it has had at least 30 days of rest is unlikely to perform to its very best.

This system gives a good 60 % + strike rate without any tweaking at all. If you back to £250 stakes you will in a good flat season make over £22,000 in clear profit. If you include the jumps season you can add a further £17,500 profit to the kitty.

But even if you don’t have £250 to invest each time you can still make quite a bit of profit to much lower stakes. If you just backed £25 each bet you made you would make a neat £4,000 clear profit for a 12 month cycle.

Just remember that you should only back what you can afford to lose. Gambling money should come from your disposable income and nowhere else.

The Lay System

1. Only favourites that are less than 2/1.

2. Is the favourite in the Racing Post Tissue.

3. Remains the clear favourite in the betting but is drifting slightly.

4. At least three strong competitors running against the favourite.

5. The favourites best speed rating is less than 100.

6. At least two other horses with better speed ratings.

7. Negatives regarding course, distance or ground.

8. Must be more than 6 but less than 16 runners.

9. Speed ratings should show a downward trend.

This system shows a 65 % strike rate over the last three years and I can see no reason why this should stop anytime soon.

The reason these two systems work in tandem so well is that most people overestimate the chances of a 2/1 or less favourite. My study has shown that only horses with a particular profile win races. The system above exploits a chink in the speed ratings backed up with solid form.

If you combine the two systems together as I do then you will easily clear over £20,000 a year to small stakes.

Test the 9 point split system out on paper first. When you see the cracking results then and only then start using the system for real. And remember the rules of any system are there for a reason. Don’t break the rules unless it is to have no bet at all.

Have fun and the best of luck.